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LSPR and SPEM showed support to "Lend your leg" project

(Maribor, Slovenia, April, 4th 2012)

Start of the global campaign “LEND YOUR LEG” coincides with the anniversary of the signing of the Ottawa Convention intended for eliminating anti-personnel landmines (AP-mines) around the world. By signing the Ottawa Convention numerous countries pledged to ban the use, stockpiling, production and sale of landmines. The Convention has already been signed and ratified by 159 Member States with the Republic of Slovenia being among the first countries to join, sign and ratify the Convention. Despite great success that has been achieved with the implementation of the Ottawa Convention over the years the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) still continues to advocate the accession of even more countries to the Convention.

During the campaign many events will take place aimed at raising mine awareness in Slovenia and the world. The highlight of the campaign will be on 4th April - International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action when all those in support of mine action will roll up their pant leg thus symbolically expressing their support for all mine victims whose lives have drastically changed and to warn those countries that have not yet signed the Convention to accede to the Mine Ban Treaty. The campaign will also try to help raise funds for the purchase of leg prostheses for Slovenian paraglider Simon Vogrinec who lost both his legs when he landed and accidentally stepped on a land mine on the slope of mountain Jahorina in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The campaign lasted through March and will culminate on April 4th, International day to raise mine awareness. Lend your leg!
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