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Božidar Novak in his fifth book about European capital of culture, Harvard and public relations   (17.1.2013)
In Vetrinj mansion, there was a presentation of a new book entitled The Capital, of the author Božidar Novak.
LSPR and SPEM showed support to "Lend your leg" project    (4.4.2012)
Start of the global campaign “LEND YOUR LEG” coincides with the anniversary of the signing of the Ottawa Convention.
Private or public? - This time you’ll have to choose!   (1.2.2012)
Over 30 top speakers from 20 countries worldwide, 7 topics for panel discussion, 2 case studies and 3 debates at the 3rd World Communication Forum in Davos in 2012.
PR service of Social Cyborg   (1.7.2013)
Author: Petra Božič Blagajac
Minimal report on sustainability and corporate social responsibility is better than no report at all   (1.6.2013)
Author: Maja Rečnik
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